All Asian Music Awards

Those who make the all-asian lineup can go & get ef'ed
"What kinda music do you want?", asked Coxy.
"ROCK 'N ROLL PARTY MUSIC!!!", was the unanimous verdict....
The Fauves have played a thousand ...
In front of BIG crowds ...
Won numerous awards ...
They're the asian footballers' rock band ...
So send in your requests,
'Cos footy wins hands down!!!!!!

Shoosh time. Quiet now. Listen up

Rumours have been emanating from Canberra's crisp air and ... (how do the quiet ones do it?) ... have made their presence felt in smoggy sultry Bangkok.
...Not one rowdy, but 2.
...Just like last year, but better.
One better you say? Nope, 2 better.
That gives us a GF berth, just like the Fish said, "we'd batter... err, I mean better get ready to be playing 5 matches in 4 weeks time...

Asian Football Hero

Not more than one asian footballer knows what this man has already done for Asian Football. When you find out you will be gob-smacked. And when you see him, say hi & give him a wai.
***1st one to guess right will get given a Stored Value Coupon of 500 baht for free!***
Now press comments and make a guess FF sake!

I felt endorsed. Didn't you?

There was a time about a week ago when we were exposed and endorsed. The endorser went by the name of Matt, as I recall. Then, a couple of days later... nuttin'. As a kiddie, that was called dropping the ball, but the game's changed since then, hasn't it? We've been dragged and delisted just as we've taken 3 bounces and about to bomb one in from outside 50 ... you can bet your boots that we're all gonna shine on footy's biggest Asian stage on 14 July. Ah well, its an odd-shaped ball but its bounce is pretty predictable....
We're not kickin' it to you blokes no more.

What are the odds?

what else are you gonna do?

07:45 - Arrive at the ground, have a DownUnder Sports Bistro heart starter
08:05 - Complain about hangover to anyone who will listen...
08:10 - Listen to someone prattle on for 5 mins about I don't know what
08:15 - Do I really have to play football.....
08:30 - 11:45 - Play footy, recover, play footy, take a hang Centre HF or cubicle 3..., recover, complain about something, recover, play footy.....
11:45 - 12:15 - Recover...... return a promo girl's smile, have a DownUnder Sports Bistro lunch
12:45 - 17:00 - See above 08:30 - 11:45. Try to scab a lift to ground 2 on the promo girls golf carts
17:25 - Presentations....listen to someone prattle on about something and
collect Cup.....drink beer, recover
18:00 GO OFF TO THE FAUVES AS THEY PUT ON A SHOW! and the Post-match DownUnder Sports Bistro Aussie BBQ dinner starts. Maybe have a drink or 2.
At some stage - ... it's all downhill from here... Get on bus, go to hotel, go to bar
... so Sunny's question to us all is ... what else are you gonna do?

What's in a name?

DownUnder Sports Bistro Asian Australian Football Championships 2007...

Any comments?

Ok, Ok, I just changed the settings so anyone can comment. Still waiting for the first comment.... Come 'on you blokes, only 29 days remain...

Say what?

You heard it right. Coxy, Doctor, Adam and Tim are coming over to entertain you too!

Boys and girls, start practising your crowd surfing!

Roy & HG just gave us a plug!!!

It's a good news story. Go to hour 2 and 1 minute on their 10th June show in case you missed it